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Key Stage 4 Examination Results

*Progress 8 score is +0.52.   This indicates that on average, students at King Ecgbert School acheived 1/2 a grade higher than similar students (by prior attainment) nationally. This figure puts us in the top 12% of school nationally.

*The Attainment 8 score is 55. This means that our student's average grade was a B


Percentage of students achieving a standard pass (4 or more) in English and mathematics  78%

Percentage of students achieving a strong pass (5 or more) in English and mathematics      60%

(National average 39%)


Student attaining 3 or more A* - A                                                                              41%

Percentage of students entering the English Baccalaureate**                                   41%

Percentage of students acheiving the English Baccalaureate**                                 37%


Percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4       99.5%


*Attainment 8 and Progress 8 look at the performance of students across a broad range of 8 subjects.

**A student is said to have acheived the English Baccalaureate if they get an A*-C in the following academic GCSE subjects - English, mathematics,2 science qualifications, history or geography and a modern foreign language.


 Key Stage 5 Examination Results

A level grades A*-B                                                                                                        65%

Progress at A level ALPs score of 2 placing the school in the top 10% nationally

Average A level grade                                                                                                    B-

All students in the sixth form have a level 2 qualification in English and mathematics

Comparing sixth form examination data can be problematic. For example our school figure for the percentage of students who acheive 3 A* -E at A level will be lower that many neighbouring sixth form schools. This is because at King Ecgbert School a number of students study a mixture of A levels and vocational qualifications. So, for example, a student studying 2 A levels and 1 vocational qualification will clearly not be able to achieve 3 A levels. However, because they study at least 1 A level, they will counted in the figure.

Average grade for students studying as KS5 Academic B-

Average grade for students studying as KS5 Applied Dist+

Progress students made in English  0.75

Progress students made in Maths    0.50

Students who complete their programme of study Academic and Applied 98%

The percentage of our students who continue on to the following destinations:

Education/Training  98%

Employment 2%