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This page is under review following the new Consistent Behaviour Model Policy and will be updated shortly.

We expect high standards of behaviour and conduct in all aspects of school life and seek to maintain these standards by positive reinforcement supported by sanctions as necessary. We believe that it is the right of all students to be educated in an environment free from disruption by others. Our expectations are set out in the home/school agreement which is signed by all students and parents.

This policy sets out the framework for the behaviour and conduct within the school, based on the principles of Assertive Discipline.

The focus of Assertive Discipline is on teaching students responsible behaviour. It is a proactive and preventative approach and goes beyond establishing basic discipline in the classrooms to creating learning environments in which students learn to choose appropriate, responsible behaviour for themselves.


  • to follow the principles and guidelines of Assertive Discipline
  • to create an orderly environment both inside and outside the classroom which enables ‘teachers to teach and students to learn’
  • to reward students for good behaviour


Positive Behaviour Management at King Ecgbert School

We expect all staff in school to follow these guidelines:

  • Behaviour and Routines for Learning (Appendix 1) including the code of conduct, establish and clearly define limits of acceptable behaviour
  • teach students to consistently follow the code of conduct and to choose to behave responsibly at all times
  • provide students with consistent positive encouragement and recognition when they behave
  • adopt a positive, assertive manner when responding to students. Students trust and respect the calm, consistent and caring presence of an assertive teacher
  • follow communication systems – completing referrals, postcards and letters home and liaising with relevant staff
  • rewards will be available at the end of each term to recognise those who behave responsibly at all times

Communication and Recording

Good communication is essential in dealing effectively with behaviour problems. The system for the recording of incidents and for communicating with parents/guardians is an integral part of the process.

Positive Postcards:

These should be completed by staff according to curriculum area guidelines and sent to the office for posting home. An achievement record should be completed.


Staff should keep a record of levels issued on a class list (simple tick system)

Electronic Referrals:

Staff should complete these when a pupil reaches level 4/5 of the ‘Consequences’

Please indicate if ‘on call’ person was called. Referrals should be completed at the end of the school day. The previous day’s referrals will be printed out first thing every morning. Mainly these inform staff of a problem and action taken and can request further action to be taken by a named relevant member of staff.

Communication home:

Applies at level 4 and 5 of the ‘Consequences’. Letter/email will be copied to pupil files and sent home by the office staff each day. Texts will be sent following on call by student reception.


Please see the document below for details of our policy for the promotion of British values.

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