• King Ecgbert School,
    Totley Brook Road,
    Sheffield, S17 3QU
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King Ecgbert School has a vertical House system

All students are allocated to a House and a vertical House form. 

Our new Houses are:

  • Steel - (Head of House - Mr. P. Fennell)
  • Henderson - (Head of House - Miss. I. Barnes)
  • Atlas - (Head of House - Miss D Freeston)
  • Crucible - (Head of House - Miss L Sillett)
  • Kelham - (Head of House - Mr. S. Shaw)

Our Heads of House will lead students in taking up a wide range of enrichment opportunities, to compete in a range of sporting and non-sporting competitions and they will lead a team of  vertical House tutors who will work with students for the first 15 minutes of every day.

  • Vertical tutor groups will include a few students from all year groups from 7 to 11 
  • Vertical tutor groups will be overseen by a Head of House
  • Normal lessons and learning will not be affected
  • Students will compete for their House at sports day
  • House competitions will include sport and non-sports based competitions
  • Every week students will attend a House assembly
  • A reward system is in place where students can earn House Points

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