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Science at King Ecgbert School

Welcome to the science department. We are a department of 17 highly qualified teaching staff and three very experienced science technicians. We offer a variety of science courses that are suited to the diverse needs of our students.


The KS3 science curriculum is taught throughout Years 7 and 8 and the first term of Year 9. In Year 7 students are taught in mixed ability groups. In Year 8 and Year 9, students are set by ability. All students follow the same schemes of learning in which science skills and knowledge are concurrently developed.

Please click below for individual topics for Year 7 and Year 8



Year 9

After Christmas, Year 9 students will study the Edexcel science GCSEs. Information about the course can be found by following this link:


Students will then make a choice whether to follow the combined science courses in Year 10 and Year 11 or choose the three separate science GCSE courses (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Year 10 and Year 11

Current Year 10 and Year 11 students are now either following the Edexcel combined science GCSEs or the Edexcel separate science GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Details about these courses can be found at the following link:



Year 12 and Year 13 students are either following A level science courses or the level three BTEC course.







Edexcel Level Three BTEC

Students have the option to study either:

10 lessons a week to gain the Extended Certificate (previously ‘subsidiary diploma’) which has the equivalence of 1 A level at the end of Year 12 and a Diploma, which is equivalent to the second A level, at the end of Year 13 (this allows students to study another subject as well).

15 lessons a week to gain the Extended Certificate (previously ‘subsidiary diploma’) which has the equivalence of 1 A level at the end of Year 12 and the Extended Diploma which has the equivalence of two more A levels at the end of Year 13.