• King Ecgbert School,
    Totley Brook Road,
    Sheffield, S17 3QU
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Framework of High Expectation

Our expectations of students

What you can expect from us


Complete all set homework on time and to a high standard

Homework will be marked in a timely manner and will provide you with high quality feedback to enable you to progress

Detentions within departments

Movement into supervised study

Organise work and folders to a high standard

Provide you with appropriate learning resources

½ termly folder checks which will be graded


Form tutor to work with you to organise your work

Attend all lessons, registrations and enhancement promptly

Provide pastoral advice and guidance to support your post 18 applications

Write accurate and personalised references for your future


Attend detentions / agreed consequence

Conduct yourself in an adult manner. Including; following the sixth form dress code, communicating with staff positively, following school rules

Respond to you in an adult and positive manner


Referred to Head of Department or the Head of Sixth Form

Take responsibility for your own learning

Be explicit at the start of term with subject specific study skills to enable you to understand how to be independent 

Be moved into compulsory supervised study



Ask for support when needed

Have an open door policy and offer specific revision sessions

Reflect your effort in monitoring data with a 3 / 4


Communicate in advance about illness and non-attendance

Accurately report your attendance to employers and universities

Referred onto attendance report


Attend supervised study when required

Given specific work, support and structure during supervised study to support you in your progress

Referred to Head of Sixth Form and to be moved onto a contract

Check emails regularly

Email out opportunities about opportunities / work experience / university bursaries and scholarships

You miss opportunities

Share your thoughts with us

Conduct specific calendared student voice to look to evaluate and improve our provision

You miss opportunities

Wear your lanyard at all times

Your safety is paramount to us, all staff on site are safeguarding trained

Opportunity to buy further lanyard, or sent home.