• King Ecgbert School,
    Totley Brook Road,
    Sheffield, S17 3QU
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King Ecgbert School Council

Every September, every form elects one rep to attend the School Council. These representatives, or Student Councillors, attend an initial full School Council. At this meeting students then select which committee they wish to attend during the academic year.

Each committee meets once a term. Each committee focuses on a specific area of school improvement. Each committee elects a chair, or “Minister” to chair the meetings. In addition, the Ministers will present a “School Council Assembly” to inform all students of their progress twice a year.

  • Learning experience committee
    • Reviewing the school code of conduct
    • Investigating laptops & printer issues
    • Reviewing MLE use in school (including sharing schemes of learning)
    • Reviewing the use of the planner
  • Community & fundraising committee
    • Nominating good causes for whole school fundraising
    • Improving bus travel experiences
    • Improving toilets
    • Reducing litter
  • Student health and wellbeing committee
    • Reviewing anti-bullying policy & procedures
    • Investigating lesson change over concerns
    • Improving the use of indoor and outdoor space
    • Improving rates of walking and cycling to school
  • Catering committee
    • Improving student experiences in food queues
    • Working with Mellors on menus & new food introductions
    • Improving student dining experiences
    • Reviewing prices and methods of payment