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What a World Class School!

Mr Haigh reflects on a fantastic end to 2019 for KES.


Those of you who are in years 8-13 will probably remember that this summer we hosted the annual World Class Schools Symposium. The focus of the event was a celebration of the Arts and featured amazing workshops and performances in drama, music, dance and art. The range of activities and the standard of learning and production was incredible and it was a real privilege to be a part of it.

However, one of the best and most noteworthy performances of the day was the tireless work done by our amazing team of student ambassadors who basically ran the day, showing both responsibility and maturity, as well as exhibiting all that is best about our school and its values. It showed the school off for what it is: an amazing place to work and learn in; the kind of place you are proud to come to every day; the type of community we are all proud to build.

Well, sometimes, it is not just those of us who work at KES who notice that we are a great school and a great community.

Last week, a group of students and staff travelled to Cambridge University to attend the World Class Schools annual awards. One of our students, Tilly Hilton, was shortlisted for an individual student achievement award - an amazing achievement in itself. Even more incredibly, Aggie Sykes-Wheatley was awarded first prize in the WCS national essay writing competition for a piece of writing that was beautifully and powerfully written. Just like the ambassadors at the Symposium, her writing showed both responsibility and maturity and was a joy to read. Well done to both students! Also, my thanks go to the other students who travelled to Cambridge and represented the school so brilliantly throughout the day. You are all a credit to the school!

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But I mentioned that we are all part of a great school. We know that. And now others have recognised it too.

So it makes me incredibly proud to announce that we were awarded the title of World Class School of the Year 2019. This is a confirmation of the amazing job our students and staff did during that event in the summer, but also we as a school do on a daily basis. I believe that all of our students and all of our staff are committed to being the best they can be every single day: I expect that high standard of everyone and I know that they will not let me down.

It is the little things, done well and done regularly, that build up, layer upon layer, that lead to great outcomes in life and in school. I want us all to remember that as one calendar year draws to a close and another begins. Make every day count in 2020, both in lesson and out.

Have a great break this Christmas and come back in January refreshed, positive and even more determined to make the most of your time at our school.

PH, Dec 17th 2019

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