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It's great to be back!

It has been a fantastic feeling to welcome our school community back on site over the past month, explains Mr Haigh.

For our staff and students it has been quite a journey since March. King Ecgbert's values may not have changed, but the school itself is not quite the same place now as it was back when we were forced to close our doors at the start of the lockdown.

Our school site is now divided into year group zones, or 'bubbles', where students in each year group are based throughout the day. Our teaching and support staff move around the school and work with their classes, which is something that all of us are having to get used to. Some of us are certainly clocking up more on our step counters than we used to in the past!

At social times, entry to our dining facilities is timed so that each year group has access to the catering spaces at separate times; all students are now outside for break and lunch. It has been wonderful to see so many students sitting and socialising on the picnic tables, playing football or cricket, or making use of the extensive grounds to find a quiet space to enjoy the sunshine. The atmosphere in school really is wonderful to be around.

Being safe is clearly one of the most important things we are all responsible for. The other is being good learners - and I have been enormously impressed with the manner in which our students have settled back into these strange yet familiar routines. They have shown dedication, enthusiasm and resilience throughout the lockdown and now they are showing it once again in this new school year.

We're only a few weeks into this new school year, but the amazing work being done on a daily basis by all of the staff and students here at King Ecgbert School makes you really believe that we are in a great place to cope with whatever issues we may be faced with further down the line.

Let's keep it up as we move into Autumn.

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