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Drama offers students the chance to explore their feelings in a structured safe environment. By becoming more confident and self aware we become happier more rounded individuals. Each lesson follows a pattern of action and reflection that develops students understanding of Drama as an art form and the issues and concepts that the lesson has been centred on. It is also, of course, remarkable good fun! 

Key Stage 3 

At KS3 Y7 students are taught one lesson every two weeks.Y8 and Y9 students are taught Drama for one lesson a week. 

Emphasis is placed on the value of the individual and the importance of feelings. Pupils are taught skills of self control and stage awareness using a variety of drama conventions/activities. There is a great variety of experience offered at KES and projects may include work on a Shakespeare play, or pupils’ own experiences and ideas. 

The Aim of KS3 Drama is to help our students become as confident, articulate and emotionally literate as they can be whilst giving them the chance to explore the world of drama. 

Key Stage 4 

We follow the Edexcel GCSE Drama syllabus. This is a fantastic course that allows students the chance to study existing play texts and devise their own work. Its assessed through practical and written course work and a final practical exam. 

Drama in Sixth Form

We offer A BTEC in Performing Arts . This is a very flexible course that is accepted by almost all universities and has provided a fantastic stepping stone on to Higher education for 1000s of students. 

The course can be taken in a variety of ways ranging from An single A level equivalent all the way up to a 3 A level equivalent qualification. 

Students become part of a functioning theatre company and Learn through a mixture of vocational and academic study. This course is well suited for students who are passionate about the subject and committed to a practical approach. 

We offer help and advice with audition speeches and materiel for drama degrees as well as advice about the different options available. 

Year   Half term  Topics covered 
Team building. 
  Basic Drama Skills 
  Basic Drama Skills 
  Basic Staging Techniques 
  Basic Staging Techniques 
Year  Half term  Topics covered 
Rachel's Story ( Anti Bullying Scheme ) 
  'Kings Sculpture'  (Explores a dystopian future, exploring the themes of Racsim and democracy) 
  In the News (students create a piece of Drama based on contemporary news stories) 
  Theatre History (students explore practical techniques from the last 4000 years) 
  Advanced mask work 
  Evaluative skills 
Year  Half term  Topics covered 
Knife Crime ( Looking at the effects of Violence on individuals and communities) 
  In the News (students create a piece of Drama based on contemporary news stories) 
  Future scape ((Explores a dystopian future, exploring the themes of migration and radicalization)    
  Advanced mask work 
  Evaluative skills 
Year  Half term  Topics covered 
10  GCSE drama skills introduction 
  Harry Farr ( First world war as a starting point for Drama) 
  Stanislavski system Applied to duologues 
  Practical topic stage craft.    
  Exploring Godber 
  Mock exam practice 
Year  Half term  Topics covered 
11  Assessment of Unit One 
  Assessment of Unit two and Mock for Unit Three 
  need analysis of Group (what is taught here depends on the gaps of individual classes) 
  Unit three (practical exam prep) 
  Unit three (final exam prep and performance) 
  Exam leave