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EdTech Demonstrator Schools

King Ecgbert School and Notre Dame High School are official Department for Education 'EdTech Demonstrator Schools', collectively known as EdTechSheff.

The programme was originally introduced to boost peer-to-peer support on the effective use of technology and was then tailored to help schools and colleges provide education remotely during COVID-19.

Now going into its 2nd year, the programme is moving to support Covid recovery and strategic school improvement through implementation of Education Technology. 

Through our team of EdTech Specialists we will be offering different levels of support - from light touch, addressing a specific need over the course of term, to longer term support - helping schools and colleges develop long term strategic plans to integrate technology effectively into teaching and learning in a sustainable manner.

The support will focus on the following themes:

1.      Catch-up and recovery including ways technology can bolster pupil/student progress and outcomes, making education boundless anytime, anywhere; for example, through online and in-person teaching and supporting high-quality assessment and feedback.  

2.      Teacher workload, including ways technology can remove unnecessary workload burdens, support more flexible teaching practices, improve access to excellent curriculum resources and develop professional bonds and communities.  

3.      School and college improvement plans; ensuring that adoption of technology has a clear plan and supports the wider aims of the school/college.  This will include use of devices, acknowledging the challenges brought through a 1:1 device model. 

4.      School and college resource management, including ways technology can get the best value for money from their existing resources and securing informed procurement decisions where necessary.  

5.      Securing an accessible and inclusive curriculum with a focus on improving access for pupils with SEND and exclusions.  

Background of EdTechSheff

Both schools have traditional academic curriculums, and their success has been based on a core offer of an excellent curriculum and very strong classroom teaching wrapped up with a caring ethos and supportive pastoral teams.

New technology has been a large part of their success but not central to it- they both pride themselves on making appropriate but innovative use of technology in running the school as an organisation as well as enhancing teaching and learning but never using technology for its own sake. Since the shut-down of schools it is their expertise with remote learning over the web that has come to the fore.

King Ecgbert and Notre Dame are system leading schools, and a host of other roles in the system. Notre Dame notably is an Associate Research School closely connected to the EEF so seeks to contribute an evidence based approach to school improvement disseminating not only what research tells us about technology but also about how to manage change. King Ecgbert School is proud of its conversion to an online Virtual School where all aspects of the school from teaching and learning, pastoral care, administration and finance have gone online.

King Ecgbert School headteacher, Mr Haigh, delivers weekly assemblies via YouTube

Together Notre Dame and King Ecgbert School as EdTechSheff seek to support other schools through the Demonstrator Schools Programme with written and video stories of their work, webinars to larger groups as well as more bespoke Q&A with schools and groups of schools.

Further Information

EdtechSheff website
EdTechSheff YouTube channel
EdTechSheff Twitter account

If you'd like to request support from EdTechSheff or find out more information about the EdTech Demonstrator Programme click here.