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Students study a mix of human, physical and environmental geography. Students are given the opportunity to study at a range of different scales – local, regional, national and global. 

We aim to inspire an interest in places and engage students in current issues around the world, to create a sense of awe and wonder about the world we live in.

Each year 5 or 6 topics are completed, each one lasting half a term. Students are assessed mid-topic, through an extended piece of writing regarding a geographical issue and at the end of each topic through GCSE style knowledge check.


At KS3 students are taught 2 x one hour periods a week each year. In Year 8 Geography is taught in 3 x 1 hour periods per fortnight. Homework is set at least once per topic, and can include anything from extended research, to learning key terms from the topic. We strongly advise students keep up to date with current geographical events through accessing news articles and stories. There is also the opportunity for fieldwork in each year of KS3.


GCSE Geography is an option available to all students. The course is taught in 3 x 1 hour periods per week in Y10 and 2 x 1 hour periods per week in Y11. Fieldwork plays an important and compulsory part of the course.

Students then complete three exams at the end of the two year course. Paper 1: Physical Geography, Paper 2: Human Geography, Paper 3: Geographical enquiry and skills

Course: Geography AQA Specification A


At KS5 we offer AS and A2 geography. In Year 12 and Year 13 students receive 5 x one hour periods a week. Fieldwork is an important part of the course and is essential for exam success. Students must complete an individual piece of coursework which amounts to 20% of the final grade. 

The main fieldwork in Year 12 is a 1 night, 2  day stay at the East Coast when the topics studied include coastal processes and the study of the changes in a local town. 

The course is divided into physical and human geography and is taught by 2 members of staff. 

Course: Geography AQA is the exam board offered for AS and A2 level.