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Mercia Learning Trust

Mercia Learning Trust, established in January 2014, currently comprises of King Ecgbert School, Totley Primary School, Newfield School (a sponsored academy), Valley Park Community Primary School, The Nether Edge Primary School and Mercia School (opening in 2018)

Mercia Learning Trust Principal and Registered Office:
Mercia Learning Trust
79 Glen Road
S7 1RB

Telephone Number: 0114 3494230

For more information about the Mercia Learning Trust, click on the links below:

Mercia School

Mercia Learning Trust are proud and delighted to announce their sponsorship of a new school in Sheffield - Mercia School

Click here to access the Mercia School Website.

Newfield School - Ofsted

Newfield School is proud to share the outcome of their recent Ofsted inspection of ‘Good’ in all key judgements: Effectiveness of leadership and management; Quality of teaching, learning and assessment; Personal development, behaviour and welfare; Outcomes for pupils.

For further information, please click here

Totley Primary School Admissions

Mercia Learning Trust has determined admission arrangements for Totley Primary School for the 2018/2019 academic year. In recognition of increasing student numbers in the Dore and Totley catchment areas and with a joint commitment to providing access to local school places, the leadership of Totley Primary, Totley All Saints and Dore Primary Schools consulted on sharing school catchment areas. This means that all addresses within the previous separately defined catchment areas for these schools (parish boundaries in the case of Totley All Saints) will have "catchment" priority status for the three schools. If parents ensure that they use all three preferences, this should give parents a higher chance of obtaining a place at one of the schools.

The trust will retain the Local Authority's oversubscription criteria as follows:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children
  2. Catchment area and sibling (where the sibling is attending at the point of admission)
  3. Catchment area
  4. Sibling (non-catchment)
  5. Other applications

The above criteria will be applied if the school is oversubscribed

Tie Breakers

For any admission category that is oversubscribed there are two further stages of consideration.

A. Exceptional medical, social or special educational needs

The parent/applicant must supply sufficient supporting evidence from relevant professionals at the time of the original application, for the Authorrity to consider whether an individual case constitutes exceptional circumstances to be prioritised. In any event, the evidence must support the view that the child must attend the school applied for and that they could not have their needs met at any other school.

Applications will only be submitted to the Admission Commitee for further consideration if they are accompanied by supporting evidence.

B. Distance

In circumstances where exceptional circumstances are not demonstrated, the final tie breaker will be the distance from the home address to the school building. This is a straight line measurement from the home address to a designated point at the school building.

Where the remaining place could be made to a number of children living equidistant from the school the determination of the single offer will be made by random allocation:

The random allocation will:

  1. Be independently supervised by a representative of the Legal and Governance Service;
  2. Take place on a date and time notified in advance to the participating parents so they can attend as witnesses.

For families of service personnel with a confirmed posting in the area, or crown servants returning from overseas to live in that area, the Authority will allocate a place in advance of the family arriving in the area provided the application is accompanied by an official letter that declares a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address. When considering the application against their oversubscription criteria the Authority will not refuse a service child a place becuase the family do not currently live in the area.

Waiting Lists

A waiting list will be maintained until 31 December 2018 for transfer to separate junior schools (Year 3) and transfer to secondary schools (Year 7). A waiting list will continue to be maintained for the full academic year for admission to Reception, i.e. until 31 August 2019. The waiting list is ranked in line with the published oversubscription criteria.

Any objections to the admission arrangements for entry  must be referred to the Schools Adjudicator.

The Office of The Schools Adjudicator
Bishopgate House