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King Ecgbert School is committed to ensuring all students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum whatever their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, needs or abilities. All King Ecgbert teachers are teachers of SEND and have responsibility for planning the curriculum to ensure it is accessible to all. The varying needs of students will be addressed through personalised learning and through appropriate differentiation wherever possible.

Additional provision is provided to ensure students have the necessary skills to access the curriculum independently wherever possible.

People to Contact:

SENCO -  Mrs H Sellars

  • For more information refer to the SEND Information below
  • For more information on the LA Sheffield's Local Offer please click here


1. Break and Dinner

2. School Dinners

3. Being Late

4. Learning Hard

5. Homework

6. Dyslexia


8. Anxiety

9. Austism

10. Speech and Language

11. Recording

12. Intervention

13. In Class Support

14. SEN Register

15. Specialist Support