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Business at King Ecgbert School

The department offers a number of different courses to help students learn about business & enterprise, economics and personal finance. The department is well resourced and has a fully equipped computer room and is staffed by experienced teachers with real life business experience

Business in Years 10 and 11

Specification: Edexcel Business Studies

During Year 10, students will start their study with theme 1: Investigating small business. This is worth 50% of the overall marks for the course.  They will learn about how a business starts, the motives of those that start them, and how they are run and controlled. Whilst the work is taught in Year 10, the examination will not take place until May/June of Year 11.   The examination will be 90 minutes long and is assessed out of 90 marks.

In Year 11, students will study theme 2, Building a Business. This is again worth 50% of the final course mark, and follows the same format as theme 1 paper. The unit covers much of what students learnt in Year 10, but from the perspective of much larger business organisations. Students are assessed in both exams in a variety of ways e.g. multiple choice questions, calculations, short and long answer questions. All teaching should be completed by the end of March in Year 11, when students will begin revision for both exams.  

Students can study elements of Business at L3 with either the AQA Economics course or the BTEC Level 3 Vocational Business course.

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Business and Economics in Sixth Form

In King Ecgbert Sixth Form we offer Edexcel GCE A Level Economics B. This is a joint Business and Economics course and students study two business and two economics related units over the two years, all of which are externally assessed by three examinations, taken at the end of the course. An AS in Economics B can also be followed with two exams, one for each of Theme 1 & Theme 2, taken at the end of year 12. 

BTEC Level 3 Business is offered at a single award, double and triple A level equivalent. Students study a number of different areas of business, e.g. marketing, finance, human resources etc and are assessed by a mixture of internally assessed coursework, an externally assessed marketing task and an external examination in finance. The externally assessed work and the exam can be taken in either year 12 or year 13. 

IFS school of finance Certificate and Diploma courses are offered on a two hour contact/distance learning arrangement. Assessment is by two online tests and two exams. Test/written paper for unit 1 is taken in January and the second unit assessment is in April/May. Only students studying the course in year 12 can continue to the Diploma i.e. the full A level in year 13. Year 13 students who select this as an enrichment option can only complete the Certificate (AS equivalent). 

Extra Curricular

After school revision sessions and coursework catch up sessions are run on a regular basis at different times of the year.

Scheme of work


Half term 

Topics covered 


Enterprise and starting a business 


Spotting a business opportunity & Business Finance


Making the business effective


External influences on a business 


Growing the business 


Making marketing decisions 


Half term 

Topics covered 


Making operational decisions


Making financial decisions 


Making human resource decisions 


Revision and exam prep 


Revision and exam prep