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L@KES stands for learning at King Ecgbert School. It is taught for 1 hour a week to students in Y7 - Y11. There is no formal GCSE assessment as KS4 for L@KES. 

L@KES combines Citizenship, Personal Social Health, Religious Economic Education, Religious Education and some reflection on HOW we learn (PLTS - the personal learning and thinking skills). 

L@KES lessons provide a safe place to explore really difficult questions. The content taught in each lesson can be simultaneously linked to current affairs, students immediate experiences and also more established and longstanding philosophies and ways of thinking (including the major world religions). We also work with a wide range of voluntary organisations who can come and talk to our students to offer a different perspective including; The City of Sanctuary, The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Sexpression (The University of Sheffield) and many others. 

L@KES is all about facilitating questioning. We want students in our classes to ask themselves: 

What do I think? Why do I think that? What do others think? How can what we think affect behaviour? 

Communication is absolutely key to L@KES lessons. Our aim is to encourage students to develop their oral and written literacy, to improve their listening and responding skills and to regularly develop their own point of view and make reference to others. 

Why should students study L@KES? 

It gives students the time to be thoughtful, reflective, engaged and able to acheive their full potential. L@KES lessons enable them to review and consider their own beliefs and those of others. We consider their perspectives on life, interest in and respect for different people's feelings and values. They will use a wide range of skills in different contexts including working and socialising with students from different backgrounds with different beliefs. L@KES helps students to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society.

Year   Topics covered 
  • How do we learn? An introduction to the PLTS 
  • Our global community. How can we work together? 
  • Outside speaker: Mr Whitton from the KES integrated resource 
  • Friendship and Anti-bullying 
  • Living in Multi-Faith Sheffield 
  • Puberty 
  • Peer pressure and how to say no to smoking, drugs, alcohol 
  • Rites of passage: Brit Milah, infant baptism, Bar Mitzvah, becoming an older member of the KES community 
Year   Topics covered 
  • Crime and punishment: What are our rights and responsibilities? 
  • What are the theories of punishment? What do major religions believe about punishment? 
  • How does the legal and court system work in the UK? 
  • Religious festivals 
  • Conflict – what causes it and how can we resolve it? (In school, the wider community and the world) 
  • Anti-bullying – What is the difference between being assertive and aggressive? 
  • Religious attitudes to conflict and forgiveness. Case study: Martin Luther King and Malcom X 
  • Marriage and family life in the UK 
  • Contraception Outside speakers: Sexpression (medical students from the University of Sheffield) 
  • The emancipation of women 
  • Self-esteem and the place of sex in a relationship 
  • Careers and the future: The ‘real’ game. 
Year   Topics covered 
  • What is faith or spirituality? 
  • Life after death. What do humanists, Christians and Muslims believe and why? 
  • Mental health. Stress and relaxation. Meditation. 
  • Body image 
  • Y9 options with a focus on careers. What options are available to me? Which GCSE will I choose? 
  • Sex and relationships education. Outside speakers: Sexpression (medical students from the University of Sheffield) What are STIs? Contraception 
  • Religious views on marriage, sex and relationships 
  • Alcohol and teenage drinking: How to say no. 
  • Medical ethics questions and religion. When does life begin? 
Year   Topics covered 
  • Refugees and Human trafficking 
  • Challenging media perceptions 
  • Human Rights 
  • Outside speakers: the city of Sanctuary 
  • LGBT unit on sexuality. Is sexuality a choice? Religious views on sexuality. Discrimination and the law. 
  • Outside speakers: LGBT volunteers from the University of Sheffield 
  • Alcohol abuse and its effects 
  • Outside Speakers: The Amy Winehouse Foundation 
  • Staying safe on line 
  • Being healthy 
  • Developing questioning and critical analysis skills. 
Year   Topics covered 
  • Sex and relationships education: Body image, the influence of easy access to images on line, contraception, making informed choices, forming positive relationships 
  • Making an application post 16 using UCAS progress and research on requirements for future careers. 
  • Parenting 
  • Finance 
  • Mental health and dealing with bereavement.