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Modern Foreign Languages

Languages at King Ecgbert School

The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department at King Ecgbert School is a tri-lingual department offering at least one of French, German and Spanish to students. All students will start learning one language in Year 7 and there is often a chance for students to pick up another during KS3. Our aim is to promote a love for language learning by delivering lessons which inspire and engage students. Students will develop their skills in listening, reading, writing, translation and speaking as well as learning about the culture of the countries where this language is spoken. Learning a foreign language opens so many doors to students in future life with regard to communication skills, travel opportunities and future employability. In order to maximise students’ experience of modern foreign languages, we also often offer residential trips abroad to France, Germany and Spain.   

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 all students study one language for two one-hour periods per week; around one half of the year group will be assigned French and the other half with be assigned either German or Spanish.

In Year 8 and Year 9 students continue to study languages for two lessons per week, and they will continue with the language assigned in Year 7. Depending on staffing, we often offer a second language after school.

The department is well resourced and we encourage students to come to get extra support from us whenever it is needed.  

Key Stage 4

GCSE French, German and Spanish are offered at KS4, and students are expected to choose from the languages they have studied during KS3. Students follow the AQA specification and the department is very experienced in delivering this course. We are well resourced and students have a range of online subscriptions to access from home. Students have three one-hour MFL periods per week in one KS4 year, and two one-hour periods in the other.

The KS4 course includes topics such as “Relationships with family and friends”, “Social media”, “Music, cinema and TV”, “Festivals in the target language-speaking world”, “Charity”, “Environment”, and “University or work”. The GCSE assessments at the end of Y11 cover speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills and are equally weighted at 25%.

GCSE students have access to a range of electronic resources from home and an open door policy applies for students to access support whenever they need it. In addition we run intervention and revision group support sessions for students throughout the two-year course 

Provision for Post-16

At KS5 we offer A-Level French and German and students follow the AQA specification. Classes are traditionally small, meaning that students have access to a very personalised learning experience. The content of A-Level languages is both stimulating and relevant in today’s society. It is a course which allows you to master the language whilst teaching you about the culture of the countries where the language is spoken. 

In Year 12 students will study the topics listed below as well as a film. In Year 13 students broaden their study further by studying topics which are relevant to French and German society such as immigration and politics as well as studying a novel in the target language. Students are then able to select an area of interest in order to produce an individual research project. We plan to run a work experience visit to France for A-Level French students and a trip to Berlin for A-Level German students. 


Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)

Greetings, how you feel, alphabet, birthdays, numbers


Family, physical descriptions, characteristics


Descriptions of family, pets, likes and dislikes, food, school


What you eat and when, what you would like to eat, clothes, colours


Expressing opinions, ordering in a café


Sports and hobbies, instruments, arranging to go out, describing your house


Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)

Free time, daily routine


School, time, describing teachers, school uniform


Future jobs, home town area, rooms of the house.


What there is in town, arranging to meet up, weather, holidays


Visiting towns, significant monuments, places in town


Holiday opinions, future holidays



Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)

TV and film


Food and drink, household chores,


Sports and extreme sports, what you can do in your area, directions


Family relationships, school, subjects, types of school


Ideal partners, future relationships, music, cinema, TV


Celebrations in the target-language countries


Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)


Me, my Family & Friends 


Home Town, Neighbourhood & Region 


My Studies, Life at School or College, Education Post-16, Jobs, Career Choices and Ambitions 


Technology in Everyday Life


Social Issues


Free Time Activities


Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)


Customs and Festivals


Global Issues, Environment


Charity Work


Poverty and Homelessness


Healthy and Unhealthy Living





Half term

Example Topics covered (Vary by Language)


Family relationships, the cyber society, the role of volunteer work, France/Germany and its heritage, music and television


Cinema, film study, fashion, festivals and traditions


Film study, music, mock exams 


Voluntary work to society, digital technology


Art and architecture


Novel study, Individual Research Project