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Equipment Upgrade for Design & Technology

We're thrilled to share the latest update on our equipment upgrade, made possible through our successful bid to The Wolfson Foundation. The machinery has arrived, and we're already witnessing its transformative impact in our classrooms!

Here's a glimpse of what's new: 

🖨️ THREE Ultimaker 3D Printers: Now accessible to ALL year groups, these printers bring 3D printing to life with versatile capabilities, including flexible filaments.

🔄 Sustainability Simplified: Our new recycling centre, granulator, and heat press empower students to engage in polymer recycling and sheet material creation, aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals.





⚙️ Wazer Water Jet Cutter: This innovative desktop tool is set to spark creativity and innovation amongst our KS4 and 5 students, serving as a vital component of our upcoming A Level Design and Technology course.

We will be offering A Level Design and Technology from September 2024 and this equipment will transform the experience of our students, enabling them to design and manufacture complex products and build the digital skills and knowledge required in a modern workplace.