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Sponsors needed for STEM on Track

Open letter from head of Design & Technology, Helen Vardy

I am Helen Vardy the Head of Design and technology at King Ecgbert School.  Our department and the wider school are committed to ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to explore exciting careers in design and engineering and apply their knowledge from other subjects.  We want to inspire more students into degrees and apprenticeships in engineering and in particular the opportunities in Sheffield through the Universities and the AMRC.

We have established a successful career pathway into the built environment through our Design, Engineer, Construct programme and want to extend this to engineering and open our students eyes to exciting careers including those within Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. 

We are excited to share a fantastic opportunity our school is participating in called STEM On Track.  "STEM On Track empowers students to build racing karts, explore applied Science, Maths, and Engineering, and compete in the Grand Finals against other schools. 

We are thrilled about participating because it offers a unique hands-on learning experience, blending classroom theory with real-world applications.  This programme aligns with our passion for professional careers linked to Design and Technology and provides a practical avenue to apply our classroom knowledge.

To make this incredible opportunity possible, we are actively seeking sponsors to support our team financially.  Sponsorship not only enhances our learning experience but also enhances the business skill we learn through our school's STEM education.

We are inviting local businesses, organisations, and community members to join us on this exciting journey by becoming sponsors.

Sponsors will:

  • have their logos on our racing kart.
  • receive recognition on our website and social media.
  • have constant build-progress updates throughout the year. (great for social media)
  • be invited to watch a build session.
  • get tickets to attend the Grand Finals.

And ultimately play a crucial role in fostering STEM education in our community.

Thank you for considering supporting our STEM On Track project. Your support would mean so much to us. Together, we can create a legacy of STEM education in our community. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me