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At KES we recognise children need time to be quiet, to read, to play and imagine. Therefore, we will only set valuable homework assignments which allow all students to progress with their learning, and not set homework for the sake of it.

Purpose of homework at KES:

  • Support student progress.
  • Allow students to retrieve previous knowledge learnt from class to enhance their long-term memory.
  • Allow students to embed and apply key knowledge/skills through independent practice.
  • At KS5 only, flipped learning may be used to pre-learn knowledge required for following lessons.

How often will I be set homework:

  • There will be no overnight deadlines.
  • Homework will not be set to be completed over the school holidays.
  • Homework must not be set on the Friday for a Monday deadline.
  • At KS3, each homework task must not be required to have more than 20 minutes spent on it.
  • At KS4, each homework task must not be required to have more than 30 minutes spent on it.
  • At KS5, students are expected to study 5 hours independently per subject across the week.

What to do if you are struggling with homework, or you have problems using Edulink:

  • Speak to your class teacher, form tutor or year manager - we can help if we know about it!

Come along to homework support on one or more of the days below:

  • Y7 and Y8: Mondays and Wednesdays in the Library

  • Y9: Mondays and Wednesdays in B13

  • Y10-Y11: Tuesdays and Thursdays in B13

What other activities can my child be doing out of school hours?

Encourage them to support with local volunteering schemes
Duke of Edinburgh Award
KS3 pottery throwdown – Monday after school
KS3 DT club – Tuesday after school
KS3 art club – Thursday after school
KS4 DT club – Thursday after school
Visit an art exhibition