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House System

Here at King Ecgbert School we aim to promote a supportive environment where pupils are integrated throughout school, provided with a diverse range of opportunities and feel that their success is celebrated. We believe that this can be enhanced through our comprehensive House system.

We believe that the House system provides experiences that will enable students to:

  • Integrate with pupils from their own and other Houses as well as across the year groups
  • Develop their social skills through the varied opportunities that the House System provides
  • Be part of a supportive environment that encourages readiness for the next stages in life
  • Grow and develop as they progress through their time at King Ecgbert by taking on different roles within the House System
  • Take part in competition and through this learn skills such as cooperation and teamwork
  • Recognise their own and others achievements and aspire to do their best

The above are achieved through the provision of form-time, inter-house competitions and extracurricular activities and events.

When pupils start at King Ecgbert School they are put into one of these 4 houses:

Kelham, Henderson, Crucible or Steel.

Form Time

We have developed a form time curriculum which allows us to:

  • Share messages across the school
  • Ensure pupils have the correct uniform and equipment
  • Focus on personal development of pupils allowing targeted discussion between staff and students
  • Highlight and discuss issues relevant to each specific year group such as transition (Y7), GCSE options (Y9) and mock exams (Y11)
  • Deliver assemblies to specific year groups

Here is a snapshot of our weekly form-time activities:

  • DEAL – Drop Everything And Listen. For Y7-Y10 this happens on two mornings. The form tutor reads a book whilst the pupils listen
  • Admin – House Points, notices, letters, equipment check
  • Assembly – These will be mostly in year groups but some could be in Houses
  • Form Time Activity Booklet – Each student will have a form time activity booklet. There will be one per term. Pupils will be able to choose from different activities in their booklet including word searches, puzzles. Pupils will be able to complete these independently allowing form tutors to have any one-on-one discussions with form members
  • Teacher led games - Teacher led games such as hangman, dingbats, countdown
  • News - Newsround for KS3 and BBC morning news for KS4
  • Inter-house quiz - A half termly inter-house quiz
  • Revision – Y11 will have two mornings for revision. One will be videos and the other revision resources/tips/ideas provided by departments

Inter-house Competitions

We run at least 2 inter-house competitions per half-term.  The timetable for this is shared with pupils and staff and can also be found on the House noticeboards in school.  Pupils are encouraged to sign up for these competitions with their Form tutor or their Head of House.  House points are awarded for taking part.  The competitions we have run/are running this year include:

  • Benchball/football/longball/table tennis
  • Quiz
  • Photography competition
  • Lip sync battle
  • Eco-challenge
  • Journalistic report

Winter KEStival

All pupils in Y7-Y11 take part in this event which occurs each year in December.  We encourage participation from all of our students providing them with the opportunity to give something back to their local community.  Each year group is involved in an activity that will help others such as fundraising to support Sheffield charity HARC (Homeless and Rootless at Christmas) and organising food hampers to be delivered in the local area.

Leadership Team

Pupils in Y11 are given the opportunity to become a prefect, senior prefect, sports captain or house captain where they can act as a role model for our younger students.  Prefects help out at school events such as open evenings, parents evenings and transition events.  They also have a lunchtime or after school duty such as a homework mentor, an Eco-ambassador or helping teachers to run lunchtime/after school clubs.  Prefects have also been involved in community events such as Nether Edge Festival and S6 foodbank donations.

Pupils are given lots of opportunities for personal development throughout their time as prefect.  They develop skills around organisation, communication, commitment and many more.  We encourage all pupils to apply for the prefect roles and we look for pupils who may not necessarily be good leaders but those who have the potential to become them.


As part of the Eco-Schools project the House team have set up at Eco-council here in school.  They have worked on a number of projects over the last year including:

  • Helping with a school garden project-All year groups
  • Working on improving school grounds and planning for bird feeders-Y7
  • Investigating the opportunity for more outdoor lessons-Y8
  • Focussing on reducing litter-Y9
  • Finding out what happens to our waste from school-Y10 and Y12

Through the fantastic work that the Eco-council have done already we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Eco Schools Bronze award.  This year we are aiming to achieve our silver award.


Each year we focus on 2 charities, chosen by our leadership team, that we support by participating in a number of activities.  Activities include bake sales, sponsored walks and competitions. These events are advertised in Form tutor notices and also on the house noticeboard in school.  This year our chosen charities are Children with Cancer, and ASSIST.

Sponsored Walk

Our whole school body takes part in a 10-mile walk around the Sheffield Peak District area.  This is a great opportunity for fundraising as well as a day off timetable to walk with friends for a brilliant cause.


Stamps are given out by class teachers throughout the week for achievement or effort in lessons.  They are also given out by form tutors for 100% attendance, having the correct uniform and equipment and having no negative planner comments.  Each stamp is worth one house point.  The points are collated and pupils are awarded certificates for their achievement (100 bronze, 200 silver, 300 gold, 400 platinum).

Each half-term, two pupils from each house are chosen as House Heroes.  Pupils can be nominated by their Head of House, form tutor , teachers or peers.  They will receive a certificate, a skip the queue lunch pass, some chocolates, a text home and their names published on the House noticeboard.

Pupils get House points as a House rather than as an individual for Inter-house competitions, sports day and Winter KEStival awards.  At the end of the year all House points are collated and the house with the most points is rewarded with a celebration.  Previous celebrations have included a trip to the seaside, an afternoon playing on inflatables and a visit from a stone baked pizza van.  There is a running house point total which can be found on the school website.

In summary, our House system thrives on the participation of all pupils in school and brings leadership, collaboration and celebration to the forefront.

For updates on House events, fixtures and competitions please see the King Ecgbert School social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.