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Polo Shirt

School polo shirt with King Ecgbert School Logo (Compulsory)

Students must wear a school polo shirt at all times. Polo shirts can be black, red or white. Both long and short sleeved polo shirts are available.


School sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan (Compulsory)

Students should have a long sleeved school sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan in black.

Fleece or hooded jumper

Fleece or hooded jumper with King Ecgbert School Logo (Optional)

No other jumper or ‘hoodie’ should be brought to school. Occasionally special event clothing is organised by the school (e.g. Y11 Leavers Hoodies, departmental-based extra-curricular clothing). These items are not to be worn during the normal school day.


Plain black with no other colour or adornment. Leggings are not acceptable.

Students must not wear tracksuit trousers under school trousers.

All skirts must be closer to the knee than waist in length.


Shoes, trainers or boots must be completely black without any other colour trim or coloured logo. During periods of severe weather, wellingtons and snow boots are permitted.


Coats are not permitted to be worn inside the building.

Cultural Dress

Cultural dress (e.g. Shalvar Kameez) in the school colours (black, red or white) is permitted but the lower part must be black. A school jumper and/or polo shirt with the school logo must always be worn.

Headscarves/religious prayer caps must be plain and in school colours (black, red or white). Headscarves must not have loose or trailing material.

An abaya with school logo is now available from our school uniform supplier. This is a non-compulsory item. From January 2024, only school abayas will be permitted. Until this time, students can wear a plain black abaya as long as the school logo is visible e.g. on a school cardigan or school zipped hoodie.


The only jewellery permitted is one pair of ear studs, a small discreet nose stud and a watch. No other piercings or jewellery is allowed and will be confiscated if worn to school.

For Health & Safety reasons students should not wear nail varnish and false nails including gels or any form of nail art.


Hairstyles and colour must be appropriate for school. Outlandish styles and colours are not permitted.


Students must have a bag that is big enough to carry an A4 size folder, school books, pencil case and calculator. Students are expected to bring the following items every day to school: pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, scientific calculator and protractor.

It is highly recommended that students bring a water bottle to school each day. 500ml plastic water bottles or therma bottles are available from our uniform supplier although any named bottle is acceptable.

PE Kit

A complete change of clothing is required for PE lessons.

Students should wear the following:

  • Plain black sports shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • From September 2019 a new style PE kit was introduced consisting of a T-Shirt, Rugby Shirt and a ¼ Zip Top, all with the school logo. This kit was introduced to students in Y7 initially and all students should now be wearing it. It is important to note that not all items from the new kit are compulsory. Students are expected to wear either the new style T-shirt or the new style rugby shirt if parents do not wish to purchase both items.
  • Plain black football socks
  • Clean sports trainers for use inside the sports hall (football boots/shin pads are optional but useful)
  • Headscarves may be worn but must not have loose or trailing material

For more in depth information and specific links to each item to purchase from our supplier, please refer to the School Uniform policy on this page.

Making sure that uniform is affordable

This is very important to us at King Ecgbert School. 

We keep the number of branded items to a minimum (one polo, one warm layer, one compulsory PE top). Schools should keep the use of branded items to a minimum.  

The uniform includes a black skirt or trousers, including jeans, and black trainers.  These are chosen because they are easy to source from many providers and can also be worn comfortably by teachers outside of school.  

We have selected Pinders as our uniform provider because they are the most competitive provider in the area.  

Pre-loved uniform is available for parents to acquire in the summer holidays and at regular term time events organised by our sustainability and eco-council student leadership teams.  At other times, parents can contact year managers to find out about availability. 

Additional support is given to students joining the school mid-year and Y7 students joining us from low-income families (arranged through primary schools.) 

School Uniform Supplier

Our uniform supplier is a company called Pinders. Orders can be made via Pinders website.

Students can also collect an order form from Student Reception in school or download one from the school website.

Pinders also operate two shops, one at Crystal Peaks and another at Aston, Sheffield, where you can purchase uniform direct.