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From students

Very friendly people, very relaxed atmosphere, opportunities, university preparation.

The Sixth form team are very supportive and many go out of their way to help even when they’re busy.

I have enjoyed meeting new people, being in lessons that I actually care about, having more freedom then lower school.

There is a great support for people struggling with their mental health or just subjects in general. There is also a lot of lovely people including both students and teachers and I have made some great friendships since joining in year 12.

The subjects are awesome, I have really enjoyed them. The sixth form team are unbelievably lovely and supportive. And I've made great friends here.

Staff are friendly and supportive.

Staff will go to any lengths to help. Honestly all of my teachers have been amazing and supportive.

Staff are very knowledgeable compared to other teachers I’ve been taught by, they know how to get along with the students very well and they are understanding.

Sixth from team care a lot about my experience and want you to do the best you can, if you ask for help they will give it.

The out of school academic support has been amazing.

Staff are kind, funny, relatable, always willing to help, motivational.

Staff love their subjects and caring for their students.

Staff make lessons entertaining while also teaching students well and being supportive.

Staff don't let you fall off the back of the bus and they let you know when you need help.

The atmosphere is nice and the teachers care about your learning.

Great teachers and the pastoral team actually care about you.

I've enjoyed myself and feel that I've been given a brilliant education to push me further in life.

My experience has been good in probably every way the school can control.

From parents 

The support provided for my child is amazing. Teachers go out of their way to help and support.

PE department has been so supportive for all the 7 years my daughter has been at KES. This continued into 6th form.

Nice environment overall. Caring teachers.

Excellent teaching and caring and supportive staff.

My daughter likes the relationship she has with the teachers and finds them friendly. 

Really supportive staff helping my daughter.  

The tutors are very close to their students.  Always available if they have got an issue of any sort! They know how to approach them ! In brief, my daughter had a lovely time in 6th form!  

My daughter's engagement with staff and regular communication throughout is a real strength.

Staff are very approachable and getting the balance right to keep the kids motivated. 

Staff are always willing to help and respond to emails quiet quickly.  

Taking time for the students.  Certainly catch up sessions coming up to exams. They seem approachable. 

Accessible and committed to enabling their pupils to get the best possible learning experiences and support.  

Professional, knowledgeable and approachable.  

Hardworking caring good relationships with students. 

Extra contact was made when my child was off for a significant period of time. 

Staff seem to genuinely care about students wellbeing. 

Regular communication between my son and teachers and extra help offered as necessary. 

Teaching staff do their utmost to ensure the success of the pupils in terms of their education, but also in terms of their wellbeing.  

My daughter has thrived at 6th form. It’s small enough to feel known by teachers but big enough to get great staff and a good student body.  

Our third child to go through KES sixth form and each have had a positive experience.

Great staff, super work ethic, high expectations of all pupils.